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New products for 2017 now include unlimited device protection and many new and enhanced features

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Renew your subscription in 3 simple steps
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renewal subscriptions
renewal subscriptions
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Renew your protection
Sign in to your account:
Go to "My Account"
Go to "Subscriptions" at the top of the page
then select "All Expired" to view your
out-of-date subscriptions

Select the subscription you wish to
reactivate and then click "Renew"
Auto-renew in 3 simple steps
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Go to Billing Info
Sign in and click on "My Account"
to view your current security package
and its date of expiry

Go to "Billing Info", select "Edit" and
make sure you have entered up-to-date
credit card information
Go to "Auto-renewal settings" on your
account dashboard and follow the simple step-by-step guide
Renew without broadbrand in 5 simple steps
renewal subscriptions

View your product expiry date
Click on "My Account" to view the expiry date of your product

Choose the right product for you
Visit our "Product Comparison Page" to compare our range of security solutions and choose the product that's right for you

Visit a software stockist near you
Having chosen your ideal security software, head down to your local computer software retailer to purchase your product

Uninstall your old software
Uninstall the existing security software on your computer before installing your new product (find out how here)

Install new software
Once the old anti-virus protection has been uninstalled, you can download your new McAfee protection

Upgrade your subscription in 5 simple steps
upgrade subscription

Go to My Account
Click on "My Account" to view the expiry date of your product

Choose your preferred protection
Navigate to the upgrade centre using the links at the top of the page then select the security software that's right for you

Download your software
Once you have completed your purchase, return to "My Account" to begin the installation process

Uninstall previous protection
Uninstall your old anti-virus software for a smoother installation of your new product (learn how here)

Install new protection
Now that your old security software is uninstalled, you can download your new McAfee anti-virus protection

Supported McAfee products
Livesafe product pack

McAfee LiveSafe
Ultimate protection for your data, identity and privacy, on every device you own


McAfee AntiVirus
Trusted anti-virus for your PC

all access renewal

McAfee All Access
All Access was a cross-device solution that has been replaced by LiveSafe for 2017

antivirus plus renewal

McAfee AntiVirus Plus
Trusted anti-virus for every device you own

total protection renewal

McAfee Total Protection
Trusted anti-virus, identity management and privacy protection for every device you own

siteadvisor tick

McAfee SiteAdvisor
A web service which crawls the net for dangers, flagging up risky sites, spam and malware

internet security renewal

McAfee Internet Security
Trusted anti-virus and identity management for every device you own

renewal center

McAfee TrueKey
A smart password manager to secure your passwords online and offline